We welcome you to visit our first cafe in Washington DC in the Spring of 2020.
Franchise offerings will be opened up in Winter of 2020.
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About Domus

Domus is a sophisticated, health-conscious cafe that combines leisure time for adults with supervised play spaces for children.


As part of our brand, we offer the “Kids’ Zone” where children can play and still be in full view of parents or guardians enjoying a hot pot of tea, a fresh salad, or a warm pastry with friends.


The cafe is different from most neighborhood spots because our child-centric play spaces are built into our concept, and we will offer scheduled learning activities that can be purchased one at a time as you come to the café or as part of a subscription.


In our cafe, we serve a wide variety of natural, healthy foods, including salads made with seasonal vegetables and grains, fresh-baked pastries, sweet, international teas, coffees, smoothies, and fresh juices.


Values & Vision

Healthy eating and happy living are our core beliefs. We want to be a healthy part of the lives of our customers through the organic foods we serve and the family-friendly environment we provide. We further care about the wellbeing of our employees, seeing their success as integral to our company’s growth.

“Domus” is a unique cafe community and educational space within a global franchise model.


Mission Statement

Domus is a natural cafe that provides spaces for adults to relax while also providing interactive spaces that allow children to enjoy themselves.